I love traveling and disocery new areas, I trying to travel as often as possible i can but i have a very nice work i need to take care about before i can traveling. I love to experience new cultures, land areas and I like a lot of museums i can record video and take photography of.

Has been a lot of times in London - England. Its one of my very big favorers countrys, but is also open to other places in the world that offer buckle experiences.

I run my own YouTube channel where I want to show where I've been and when so others can experience the things I experience without necessarily being the same place and from my videos, it's something they will experience when they visit the cities and places where I have been.

Countries I have traveled to and experienced

You can click on the different countries I have been traveling in. Under each country, I will indicate which cities I have also been to where you get the opportunity to get outdated infomartion about every single city.