How to start developing in C++ - on macOS using xcode as IDE

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Its very easy to start code C++ on your macOS, you can use xcode, you first need to download it on AppStore and after it you need to start.

When you have the startup screen you can select what type of project you want, if you not have this screen you can go to File > New > Project

When this window is open you can select macOS project, and under Application you can select Command LIne Tool as your first C++ application and then click next.

Now you need to fill out a little more data before you can start your project, start to select your Project Name and be sure the Language is on C++ before you click next.

Pick the folder where your new project are storage to your C++ project, now you are started and can wirte your first C++ project.

#include <iostream>

int main(int argc, const char * argv[]) {
  std::count << "Hello world!\n";
  std::count << "Thanks for watch this tutorial.\n";

  return 0;

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